About Us

The Complete Aquarium is a retail store and service center dedicated to top-notch aquarium maintenance and sales. Conveniently located in Bedford Hills, New York — easily accessible from all parts of Westchester County and from the greater metro New York City area — our store is stocked with a wide variety of rare saltwater livestock. The Complete Aquarium is meticulous in providing the best quality livestock available in the aquarium market. Our livestock selection is separated into three different systems for optimum health: Fish Only, Coral Only, and Invertebrates only.

After obtaining new fish, we medicate our fish-only systems in order to eliminate any pathogens or disease. Our corals are kept in a nutrient-free system where consumers can view them close up before making selections. All livestock is hand-picked from the most reputable sources available. Because we provide superior care and maintenance for our livestock and fish tanks at The Complete Aquarium's headquarters, you can be confident that, with proper maintenance, your fish will live a healthy life in your home or office reef aquarium.

The Complete Aquarium has been part of the community for 14 years and counting, and we operate the oldest fish store in Westchester County. Our long history is due in part to our expert team or aquarium experts who meet exceed customer expectations. Visit the Complete Aquarium with questions about reef aquaria, view our breathtaking displays, and we will be happy to help you achieve your vision for your aquarium, making it a show piece for your home or business.

Company Statement

Our goal is to provide a source of healthy livestock to create the most pleasurable experience for any aquarium hobbyist in the Greater NYC area.  Our goal is to share the natural beauty of the oceans through the use of proper maintenance and education of coral reef aquariums.

These natural habitats deserve to be protected throughout the future of this planet and we wish to convey that message by creating a healthy artificial environment for these organisms. Maintaining these artificial captive systems help us achieve our goal by spreading awareness of coral reefs around the
world and the protection they deserve. 

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